Breaking down fitness after fifty


The guys are no spring chickens but love keeping in shape regards of what that shape is. Gerry has completed three full marathons in his lifetime while Matt still competes in powerlifting just because he likes it. They talk about their own personal relationship with fitness, what keeps them motivated, and they take a brief look at the latest fitness trends.

S2,E7 Is it smart to be dumb?

How dumb are you? A phrase uttered by many a parent, teacher, spouse and cop. Of course we’re all dumb at times but thankfully even a broken clock is right twice a day. Grab a drink and pretend you’re sitting at the bar with Demps and Otis as they address the age old question: “Is any of us dumber than all of us?” Added bonus: Demps discovers the Ancient Greeks actually had a god of stupidity!

S2,E2 Does Altruism exist?

Let’s face it folks, for the most part, we are all coin operated meat puppets. While the word altruism sounds nice, the guys are questioning if being kind just for the sake of being kind even exists today. Come hang out and listen to our ardent hosts serve up a helping of selfishness, greed, and humble bragging disguised as kindness. Also listen to Demps consider why his dad, after bringing eleven kids into the world, never ran away and joined the circus!

#31 Are we all hypocrites?

When we are kids we’re taught to follow rules. Somewhere along the line, if we’re smart enough, we figure out which rules apply to you and which ones are for all the other “suckers”! Come have a seat at the bar with the guys as they discuss why everyone seems to be a hypocrite these days and why only parents have earned the right to be a hypocrite. Also get a strange glimpse into the abyss of Demps’ mind as he conjures his spirit animal!

#29 Eat the Rich!

It’s quite fashionable to hate rich people. Even if you’re a millionaire, you can still loathe those awful billionaires and for some, they deserve to be reviled. Money is the root of all evil, so let Otis and Demps take yours if only to save you from evil itself. Seriously, give a listen to the discussion and have a laugh on the guys’ dime as they explore the runaway American dream of getting rich and living like there’s no tomorrow. As the Stoics preached; “Memento Mori” which, if you know Latin like Otis does, is a reminder that we are born to die so don’t waste your time!

#28 Addicted to Sports

Every kid has fond memories of getting their ass kicked in sports one way or another.  Were you aware that the art of playing is hard-wired into all animals, including humans?  I bet you do now! Join the guys as they playfully discuss people’s obsession with pro sports, the art of play, and what can go wrong when we take things to far. Be sure to listen to the end where Otis discusses outfoxing a fox. 

#27 Cancel Culture and Comedy!

When can we cancel “cancel culture”? Haven’t we all had enough of this exhaustive and disturbing social experiment? Our team is joined today by veteran journalist and stand-up comic, Rob Gavin. Rob, known for his reporting on the NXIVM Cult, dives deep into the serious business of being funny for a living. Listen as the guys consider if the whole cancel culture in comedy is more of a witch hunt that the actual Salem trials. As Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote in “Young Goodman Brown”, “the fiend in his own shape is less hideous than when he rages in the breast of men.” We don’t know what that means but we aim to find out. 

#26 Social Media Breakdown

Do you recall Myspace? Well ok, boomer! Just kidding. Social media appeared on the “scene” in the early 2000’s and what started as a fun way to share pictures and stories with family and friends has become a Jekyll and Hyde scenario with respect to the ways social media is used. People use it for everything from sharing cat videos and tender moments to threatening violence and spreading fake news. Once again, we are reminded of the danger of unintended consequences. We also find out about Matt’s private coffee mug collection, so give a listen and leave us you thoughts in the comments section! Sponsorships: on for this episode

#25 Is Music truth?

Who doesn’t loves rocking out to your favorite tune as you’re flooring your bitchin’ Camaro down the highway? Music is as essential to humanity as water and air are to life itself. Please join us and have a listen as the boys delve into the world of music and touch on how the soundtracks of our lives energize, comfort, or even make us wonder how a band as sucky as the “Eagles” have become an iconic part of the fabric of “Merika, as Otis likes to say.