#24 In DOGE we trust!

What is DOGE coin? Well, if you have some spare change in a couch cushion you may want to open a Robinhood account right now and start buying it up. Investing in cryptocurrencies like DOGE is the latest rage and possibly the future according to some, while others consider it snake oil and even an existential threat to world order! Our hosts scratch the surface and discuss DOGE, why SNL is so bad even when we want them to succeed and why Elon Musk refuses to stick to what he is good at, which seems to be smoking weed on the other famous podcast!

Pet Mania!

What’s more American than owning a pet? We don’t know so the boys sought out and found a Canadian to answer this question. Kara Fernstrom, host of “The Conquest of Bliss” and resident of the Great White North joins our favorite idiots and does a tremendous job “herding the cats” as they say. Join along for the fun and some more serious conversations about how a dog saved Demps’ life, whether a black cat is truly thinking about murder as it forces you to pet it, and why the phuck did Otis have 20 cats at one point in his life!

The Disney Experience!

Where is the happiest place on earth? If you said Disney, there may be something wrong with you. Walt Disney is dead but his dream lives on and for some of us, it’s more of a nightmare. Both Otis and Demps have done their time at the Magic Kingdom and the results are in. Come take a listen as they dissect the good, the bad the and phucked-up nature of one of America’s strangest obsessions. The best part is, it won’t cost you four months’ salary!

#21 Should a grown man wear shorts?

Who doesn’t love wearing shorts? Demps was shocked to discover a subculture of humans called “Never shorts” (cleverly enough) that walk amongst us and are almost exclusively men. The guys are joined with shorts enthusiast and brother of Otis, Joe3 as they take a closer look at this mysterious group of fashionistas. We all can agree that shorts on men at the office can, and should get you a “talking to” from Human Resources, but what about the times where it may be unclear as to whether shorts are appropriate or not. This episode is must for all folks who are as confused as our hosts are about certain clothing trends, how the trends come to be adopted and wondering why some men feel they can parade around half naked and whether or not wearing a vest with no shirt on is considered cool.

What’s the deal with religion?

Have you ever wished you were a cult leader? Maybe you are one. There are over 10,000 identified religions in the world and the guys are wondering who has it right!? Come join the insanity as Otis and Demps take a light-hearted look at some of the weird religions out there (spoiler alert, they’re all kind of strange) and why they exist. From worshiping the sun and handling a snake, to examining some of the worst things people do in the name of their creator, the guys leave a lot of stones unturned but find some gold under the ones they do look under in their quest to understand humanity’s strange obsession with figuring out why the hell we are even here.

Interview with “Partial Credit” host, Lucas Daniels

Otis and Demps are joined by Lucas Daniels, host of “Partial Credit”. A podcast about the things you didn’t learn in school that if you had, you may have not wanted to skip class as often as you did! ┬áLucas has a special way of making learning fun with his co-host, or partner in crime, Lily. Lucas and the guys cover some interesting ground and go from homesteading to exorcism, from Nicola Tesla to Dorothy Parker, and many points in-between. How people consume learning has changed a ton since these guys were in school but as students of life, they’re goal is stay informed, keep learning, and enjoy the ride!

The boy who cried mountain cat!

Have you ever told a fib to make a story interesting? Of course you have. It’s called artistic licensing! Have you ever had that friend who will attempt to ruin your perfectly awesome and entertaining story with their very boring facts? Yes, you have. For all we know, you may be that friend. The boys are joined with another lifelong pal and Cross-Fit enthusiast, Brian Frawley. Come along as we journey back to Lake Tahoe where Demps had a very close encounter with either a wolf or perhaps a bobcat. It may have even been the mythical Chupacabra because we all know Demps is full of it and should never be trusted. To quote Emerson, “One of the blessings of old friends is that you can afford to be stupid with them.

On giving and receiving Advice

In today’s world, advice is dispensed like LSD at a Grateful Dead show. Why? Do people even follow their own advice? Do they eat their own cooking? Our esteemed colleagues go deep on this one and end up in the weeds as usual. Poking around as only they can do at some of the best and worst advice they’ve been given, things they have found useful in life, and the caution they employ when it comes time for them to dole out advice to earnest younger folks looking to gain an edge in life. Give this one a listen or run the risk of having to listen to someone telling you “I told you so!”

What does being Smart mean?

Have you ever heard someone tell you how smart they are? They usually have to since you’d never know by listening to them talk. Our fearless hosts peel back the proverbial onion and take a look at what being smart is and if you make the cut. Whether you are street smart, book smart or just want to look smart, come have a laugh with the guys and remember none of us is as dumb as all of us!

The quest for Fun

Our boys are self-admittedly not the smartest people you’ll ever meet. So what? Who cares? One thing Gerry and Matt share in common is their love of a fun time. You’d think this is a universal commonality, but is it? How many people do you know that are the absence of fun? We live in a world of big data, analytics and enough math to make you puke, so why shouldn’t we measure how much fun we have? We should, gosh-dang it! Come hang with the lads and get in on the fun they are having but don’t be afraid to laugh at the biggest joke you know, yourself!