The Importance of Nicknames

Did you have a nickname growing up? Did you earn it? Did you grow into it? Were you one of those people who gave yourself your own nickname? Tell the truth, we won’t judge (too much anyway). Back in day, kids like Matt and Gerry loved nicknames and viewed them as a term of endearment. To receive one(think Animal House), could be an honor and a curse. The guys discuss and reminisce about some of their favorite sobriquet’s folks have used to describe them over the years.

Awful Job Interviews

Everyone at some point has had to interview for a job. Do they all suck? Of course they do. ¬†Some of us have had to conduct interviews with prospective candidates. Which side of that coin sucks the worst? Aren’t job interviews tedious? Don’t expect any answers from us. Matt and Gerry ponder why this process is still such an awkward experience, and ultimately wonder why we should give any phuxx at all.

Lazy is the new Busy

Do you need a couch day? Of course you do. Let’s face it folks, being lazy is instant gratification. In a world of over-promising and under-delivering, Gerry and Matt have once more, knocked it(whatever it is) out of the park. Their ground-breaking and thoughtful analysis of what the Scandinavians call Niksen, the art of doing nothing, will not just smack you in the face, it will literally make you run for the nearest sofa. Why does being lazy get a bad rap? We don’t know, and are, as you guessed it, too lazy to figure it out.

The Sex talk

Sex is, for lack of a better term, a paradox. Now the boys don’t like to use big words like paradox, but lets face it, sex is something we do a lot (if we’re lucky), and refrain from talking about at all costs. From “I don’t kiss and tell” to watching your dad wince as he tries desperately to avoid having the “talk”, Matt and Gerry decipher why sex is such an awkward topic. They have an uncanny ability to not just address the elephant in the room, but stare him down as he uses a blow-dryer on his ball-hair in the men’s locker room at the local gym. Make sure to listen to the end as both of the guys share a personal coming of age story with you. It is worth the price of the ticket!

Time for a drink!

It’s a simple known fact that our guys like to have a drink, unwind and have some fun. Our episode today takes us through some of the best bar stories we have, as well as a history of how Gerry and Matt began their love affair with alcohol. Share the laughs as well as some tips on where to get a great drink and meet some friends whether you’re in NYC, Albany, or San Francisco. Get yourself one of your own favorites as you relax and let the guys do the talking.

Death, Taxes, & Pushups

Are you tired of being soft? Are you sick of expensive gyms? Author Ted Skup joins the guys today to share his story of how logging almost fifteen millions pushups has shaped his body and his life. In “Death, Taxes, & Pushups, Ted chronicles how he begins every day with a thousand pushups, and how that one habit has changed his entire life! He also shares great stories about competitive dancing and living the good life. Ted possesses a positive attitude that is absolutely contagious. He is an inspiration to us all so come have a listen, do some pushups, and maybe you can have a shot at being the smartest guy in the room!¬†

Terrible Jobs!

Unless you are a trust-fund baby, you have had to work at least one menial, entry level job that will live in infamy in your memory. Was it Mc Donald’s? It may have been working for your pops at his place of business? Maybe you were the much maligned resident assistant at your college, selling out your fellow students for free room and board? Lets face it most jobs suck ass, which is why we get paid to do them. The guys have had their fair share of awful jobs where they toiled away building their “brand” as we call it today! Join Matt and Gerry as they swap tales of terrible bosses, dumb mistakes and hilarious situations that made them the pillars of the community they are today!

Corporate America, devil or angel?

Matt and Gerry take a oversimplified look at the modern corporation. A topic way over both of our heads, we fearlessly attack this subject with all our combined brain power! Gerry spent some of the best years of his life serving his masters at several huge corporations, making a pile from the shavings while Matt has assembled an amazing lifetime of experience reporting, analyzing and interpreting how our institutions like business, government and even the bible influence our daily lives. What can or should we do about it? We don’t know but we do our best to make ourselves comfortable in the labyrinth we all have been cast into! Just watch out for that bastard Minotaur!

Fighting fat after fifty!

Being a fatty is no joke. Both Matt and Demps have been up and down the dial with respect to weight gain, weight loss and the constant pursuit of great tasting food that won’t leave you looking like a couple o’ hundred pounds of chewed bubblegum. We all love food, sometimes a bit too much. Join our hosts as they explore the human experience with food. From the junk food mecca that is Buffalo, to why pizza sucks in Albany and Raleigh-Durham! We ask the questions, and wait for you to come up with the answers. There is more to life than wings and pizza, but omg, you had me at wings and pizza!