What’s the deal with religion?

Have you ever wished you were a cult leader? Maybe you are one. There are over 10,000 identified religions in the world and the guys are wondering who has it right!? Come join the insanity as Otis and Demps take a light-hearted look at some of the weird religions out there (spoiler alert, they’re all kind of strange) and why they exist. From worshiping the sun and handling a snake, to examining some of the worst things people do in the name of their creator, the guys leave a lot of stones unturned but find some gold under the ones they do look under in their quest to understand humanity’s strange obsession with figuring out why the hell we are even here.

The quest for Fun

Our boys are self-admittedly not the smartest people you’ll ever meet. So what? Who cares? One thing Gerry and Matt share in common is their love of a fun time. You’d think this is a universal commonality, but is it? How many people do you know that are the absence of fun? We live in a world of big data, analytics and enough math to make you puke, so why shouldn’t we measure how much fun we have? We should, gosh-dang it! Come hang with the lads and get in on the fun they are having but don’t be afraid to laugh at the biggest joke you know, yourself!

Breaking down fitness after fifty


The guys are no spring chickens but love keeping in shape regards of what that shape is. Gerry has completed three full marathons in his lifetime while Matt still competes in powerlifting just because he likes it. They talk about their own personal relationship with fitness, what keeps them motivated, and they take a brief look at the latest fitness trends.